10 Creative DIYs For Leftover Wrapping Paper

Instead of throwing all that wrapping paper into the bin or attempting to haphazardly fold it into a big box, consider putting artful, non-seasonal paper to use in your home.

FROM shelf liners to party banners, quality paper scraps can help add colour and interest to every room in the home. Iron any crinkled pieces on a low heat setting and they will be ready for the following DIY projects.

  1. Cover shoe boxes
    There are many people with a wardrobe shelf full of empty shoe boxes. Instead of throwing them into the recycling bin, cover them with extra gift wrap for storage you’ll want to show off.
  2. Brighten up a dark shelf or drawer
    Make use of leftover gift wrap of all shapes and sizes by lining some drawers and shelves. Not only will it add a dash of colour to a dark or dreary space, but having some pretty paper in your drawers may help you stay organised. Iron out any wrinkles, cut the paper to fit and slide it into the drawer. Use double-sided tape or glue it down for a longer-lasting solution.
  3. Cover books for that decorator look
    Book covers might not be for everyone, but covering books with pretty pieces of gift wrap (no glue required) can bring extra style to a bookcase.
  4. Add excitement to recycled crates
    Vintage crates are great for storage or display. But if you’re tired of the salvaged and worn wood look, brighten things up with a new coat of paint and some wrapping paper, attached with a strong adhesive.
  5. Line a bar cart
    Transform a bland bar cart with wrapping paper and decoupage sealer.
  6. Use scraps to keep your office organised
    Smaller wrapping paper pieces can be glued onto old paint cans or other tins to hold supplies.
  7. Frame it for instant wall art
    Want to keep things simple? Frame your prettiest papers from Christmas in a group for a gallery wall.
    TIP: If you use different types of paper, a single colour for the frames will give it a cohesive look.
  8. Piece together scraps for eclectic wallpaper
    If you manage to collect a supply of extra-pretty prints, consider patch working them together with wallpaper paste for a feature wall in a studio or office.
  9. Make a cheerful banner
    If Christmas morning leaves you with a pile of random gift wrap scraps, a banner could be a great way to make use of all the colours and sizes.
  10. Cover clipboards for office inspiration
    In lieu of a pin board, use a few clipboards to hang inspirational images in front of your desk. Cover the clipboards with gift wrap and hang them on your office wall with a nail or hook.

Other ideas for reusing gift wrap
Shred and use it to pack or ship delicate items, make your own gift bows and tags, or iron out the wrinkles and save it for next year.

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10 Creative DIYs For Leftover Wrapping Paper