It's All In The Detail: 7 Ways To Drape A Throw Like A Stylist

Adding a throw to a sofa is a perfect winter warmer, but getting the look right is key. Here’s how to do it with style.

CASUALLY draped or neatly folded, throw blankets are a practical addition that add style to your living room. And with the cold weather here in full force, a throw is the ideal addition for a sofa that you’ll just want to curl up on and drift away with your favourite book, a great TV show, or your significant other for cosy conversation. Here are seven ways to achieve the perfect drape to bring comfort and warmth to your home.

1. Casual off centre
Achieving the perfect casual drape, is harder than it looks. While casually draped throws may look more relaxed than their formally folded counterparts, achieving this ‘perfectly imperfect’ look takes practice.

You’ll need quite a long and soft throw to achieve this look. Fold the throw in half lengthwise and drop to drape over the seat back, allowing the left-hand corner of the throw to fall further down the back with the bottom right corner grazing the floor. Step back and pat the throw into place, gathering the top together slightly if necessary. A left-of-centre drape will increase the feeling of relaxed decadence. Getting the cushion placement just right is the final step to achieving this look.


2. Casual over arm

Another relaxed drape, this look makes use of the arm of the sofa. To achieve this, fold the throw in the same manner as before, but this time drape over the arm, not the back of the sofa. Tuck the side where the two sides meet into the corner, and smooth the top with your right hand. This drape is well suited to a thickly-knit blanket. Again, carefully co-ordinated cushions polish the look.


3. Formal centre

For a formal and polished look, choose a lightweight, fine knit blanket. Fold the blanket in half lengthwise, taking care to keep the edges perfectly aligned.

Place the blanket on the top of the sofa precisely in the middle, with the bottom edge tucked under the seat cushion and the remainder falling over the back of the couch.

Tuck in neatly at the back of the seat cushion and place a horizontal cushion or bolster in the centre.









4. Formal off centre

For a hotel aesthetic, place your blanket in a similar manner, but this time fold in thirds to achieve a streamlined shape.

Accessorise with a long, low cushion in an opulent fabric for a luxurious look.

Tip: It may be necessary to iron your blanket to achieve a beautiful finish. Always take care when ironing wool and delicate fabrics as they won’t stand excessive heat. Set your iron to its coolest setting and place a large clean cloth or heavy sheet on top of the blanket before ironing. If you are ironing large items on a regular basis it may be worth buying a pressing cloth.







5. Formal horizontal

For a slightly more relaxed take on the formal fold, take a more modern blanket, fold neatly in half and place horizontally over the back of your sofa. This fold works particularly well in high-light areas, protecting your sofa from fading and wear and tear.


6. Casual foot

Daybeds are incomplete without a throw. Choose a warm and comfortable throw blanket (it’s likely to get a lot of use), fold into quarters lengthwise and drop and drape. Little effort is required to achieve this understated look.


7. Formal foot

Sofas with chaise lounges lend themselves to this polished look. Pick a warm woollen blanket (a fine merino would be perfect) and fold into quarters, taking care to display the frayed edge at the bottom.

Fold neatly under the cushion for a simple yet elegant effect.









Take it to the bedroom… and beyond
Of course, throws don’t belong exclusively in the living room. These blankets provide the perfect finishing touch on a bed, they’re welcoming on window seats and shout luxury in the dining room (sheepskin throws are a modern take). Adding a throw is sure to bring warmth and style to the coolest spots in any home…

… not to mention outdoor areas. Throws truly come into their own in outdoor entertaining areas where they provide warmth as the sun goes down.







Source: Houzz

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It's All In The Detail: 7 Ways To Drape A Throw Like A Stylist