How long will it take to lease my property?

At Your Address, our average time to lease your property varies depending on market conditions, however in recent months it has averaged less than 14 days. We begin marketing your property the day it becomes available to rent and unlike many other real estate companies, we have specialised leasing consultants focused solely on finding you a qualified tenant in the quickest possible time.

When you find an applicant for my property, how do you qualify them?

We strive to provide you with the calibre of tenants that you want in your rental property. This includes: • An interview with one of our highly experienced property managers • A 100 point identification check. A detailed tenancy database search. Verification from their current/former landlords/agents, Verification of their employment, Verification that they can afford the rent and all other monies payable under the tenancy agreement. In addition to the normal financial qualifications, we always try to accommodate the housing needs of our tenants to ensure the property they rent is convenient to their work, shopping and desired school district. This will help to ensure that they will be happy tenants and remain longer in your rental property. Once interviewed and reference checked by us, applications that met the criteria will be presented to you for approval before any tenancy documentation is entered into.

How quickly do you process the rent statements to property owners?

We pride ourselves on quick processing of rent statements. We close off our monthly accounts on the last business day of every month. Rent Statements will be posted or emailed to you on the next working day. Unless you instruct otherwise, your rent monies will be deposited into your bank account by electronic funds transfer (EFT) on the next working day after our monthly close off date. We can also arrange a mid-month payment on the 15th (or closest business day) of each month should you request it.

How often, and how are property inspections conducted?

When your property is vacant, we inspect it at least once a week. During a tenant’s occupancy, we carry out routine inspections every 3 months, (Maximum permissible) these inspection are carried out to ascertain how the tenants are maintaining the property, a detailed report with photos is sent to the owner, the report will state how the tenant is maintaining the property, along with suggestions of any preventative maintenance. When the tenants give notice of their intention to vacate the property we will book a time to complete a vacate inspection, an invitation is also extended to the owner. A detailed outgoing inspection report is completed to ensure that the tenants return the property back to us in the same condition they received it (fair wear and tear excepted). If damage is found or cleaning is necessary, we make the necessary deductions from the tenants’ rental bond.

How are rental collections handled?

Our rent collection policies are as follows: – Tenants are required to stay up to date at all times, – If your tenant is 3 days late with their rent, they are personally phoned, emailed or sent a text message – Tenants who are 5 days in arrears will receive a letter, this is followed up with a phone call at 6 & 7 days in arrears, at 8 days an official RTA Notice to Remedy Breach is issued, the tenant receives a phone call on a daily basis if the arrears is not brought up to date, If the outstanding rent has not then been paid within 4 days, we will contact you to advise you of the situation and to seek your instructions regarding possible termination of the tenancy. At the expiry of the Notice to Remedy Breach a Notice to Leave is issued requiring vacate possession of the property within 7 days. Please note if this procedure is not followed it could void Landlord Insurance.

Are you the cheapest property management business in the area?

Probably not. Because we believe we are the best property management business in the area, we employ the best quality people who are focused on providing a level of service unsurpassed in the industry. We have found that charging a discount price means a lower level of service. Therefore, we charge a competitive fee commensurate with the high quality of service we provide to our clients.

Why should I choose Your Address Management?

In three words, “Experience”, “Expertise” and “Passion”. Our clients know that our people make the difference.