Chimorné Bekker

Marketing Specialist

About me

About Chimorné Bekker:
Chimorné brings 7 years of real estate experience to the Your Address team. Originally from Johannesburg, Chimorné moved to Australia in 2009 and has called Brisbane and the northern Gold Coast home ever since then.

Chimorné recently joined the Your Address Real Estate agency as a marketing specialist, where she manages the promotion and positioning of the agency and the services it provides.

What I love about my job and what I bring to the team:
"Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love real estate! It's a fast-paced, exhilarating industry that continues to challenge me in new ways. I'm also thrilled to be working with a family run agency that genuinely cares about the work that they do! Your Address is all about teamwork, integrity and ethics - something that I believe the industry could use more of. I have been privileged enough to work with some of Australia's top performing agents, where I had the opportunity to help them achieve record sales results through forward thinking marketing strategies. This is something that I hope to achieve for Your Address too."

The person behind the agent:
Chimorné is a multi-faceted, passionate and motivated individual. Those who know Chimorné are constantly learning new things about her. If she's not excited to share a new marketing idea with you, she's ready to show you the new animal she rescued over the weekend or discuss a project she started around the house. She adores her family, partner and pets and is always ready for a braai!

Why Chimorné Bekker?
Chimorné is your go-to person for anything design, content or marketing related.
Her relentless work ethic and analytical approach will ensure that your campaigns are calculated and data-based for the highest ROI.

From Chimorné Bekker:
"If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spent a night with a mosquito.”
― African Proverb