How Do I... Store My Bags


How Do I... Store My Bags

Why is it important to keep my bags organised?

Bags are fiddly – they come in all shapes and sizes, and often with straps, handles, chains and more. And, unlike a t-shirt, they’re not easy to roll or fold up, so they’re tricky to store and take up quite a lot of room.

Most of us have several different types of bags, such as totes, carry-alls, clutches, laptop bags, luggage, backpacks and gym bags. They’re often a big investment and should be cared for properly if you want them to last the distance.

Rather than squashing them into the dark recesses of your wardrobe, follow these simple storage tips and enjoy your bags for years to come.


Where should I begin?

Start with a big spring clean.

Because bags take up so much wardrobe space, you want to ensure you’re only housing the essentials. Donate those you no longer use or that you have multiples of (six near-identical black handbags anyone?), and discard any that are worn beyond repair.
What’s the best way to organise them?

Store them in your wardrobe by purpose and size. For example, store work handbags together in order of size. This allows you to easily scan all your work handbags in the morning and pick out the one you need based on your outfit and how much you have to carry that day.
How do I protect them?

Store bags that need protection from dust and sunlight on shelves or hung on hooks inside your wardrobe. This will generally be delicate bags or those made from coloured leathers that are prone to fading.

Store them in the dust bags they came in, or in breathable cloth bags (clean pillowslips will work just as well, although they might not look as smart). This keeps them clean and safe from scratches.

For large bags that you can fold or flatten, such as carry-alls or backpacks you only use every so often, store them in the bottom of your wardrobe where they won’t create clutter, but are still within easy reach. If you have the space, you could add in a sliding metal drawer basket, which will make the bags even easier to access.
What about delicate evening bags?

As you generally only use these types of bags a few times a year, store them in the upper or lower parts of your wardrobe where they won’t get in the way of everyday items.

Be sure to keep delicate bags inside a protective bag.
Which bags can I display?

Brightly coloured and decorative handbags that are robust enough to be left out on display will add a touch of colour and fun to your interior. Store them on hooks on the wall or the front of wardrobe doors.
What about bulky luggage?

Suitcases and large, awkward bags should be covered with an unzipped suit bag (to protect them from dust) and stored in the attic if you have one.
My wardrobe’s out of space… where else can I store handbags?

Hang them on over-the-door hooks. This keeps bags off the ground and tucked out of the way.

Another trick I use is a simple laundry hamper. A lidded hamper is perfect for storing small and medium-sized bags; it’s easy to access and protects bags from sunlight and dust.
What about my daily tote or gym bag?

The best place for these is somewhere you can grab and go, such as on a wall next to the front door in the hallway.
How can I ensure bags keep their shape?

The best way is to use a special handbag shaper, which is an insert that fills your handbag so it holds its shape. You can find these online. Or save money by making your own shaper – simply stuff handbags with some clothes you don’t wear often, such as ski gear or thermal underwear, or pop in an old towel. Be sure not to overfill bags.
Do you have any golden nuggets to share?

To remember which bag goes with which outfit, take a photo of every bag you own and file it in a dedicated album on your mobile phone. This way, whenever you’re getting dressed you can simply swipe through your bag photos, see what your options are and choose the best one for your outfit. It’s a bit like playing wardrobe Tinder!


Source: Georgia Madden, Senior Writer, Houzz Australia, Houzz