10 Interior Design Trends To Watch For 2020


10 Interior Design Trends To Watch For 2020

Each and every year brings new trends, new ideas and new techniques for the home, and while many elements of décor will never go out of style, interior design trends come and go.

Whether you’re a trendsetter or follower, you can’t deny the impact trends have on our decorating decisions at home. Here we discuss 10 interior design trends to watch for in 2020.

1. Wall panelling

Kate Lawrence, interior designer and founder of Kate Lawrence Interiors, predicts the current popularity of wall panelling will soar to new heights in 2020.

“Whilst already present in 2019, wall panelling is a trend that will remain strong right through 2020 and beyond,” she says. “It is an affordable design solution that gives a space ‘wow-factor’, but doesn’t require a large budget to be able to introduce it to your home.”

Her favourite use for wall panelling? Adding it to your bedhead wall.

2. Feminine shapes

According to renowned interior stylist, Steve Cordony, we’ll be seeing more feminine silhouettes in 2020. Think softer and curvier shapes in interior decor and furnishings.

“Softer, more feminine shapes are creating impact with interiors and contrast perfectly with raw materials such as concrete and brass,” he says.

Look out for curved lines and silhouettes in everything from vases to floor lamps and seating, and then team them with bold, raw finishes.

Photo: Edward Urrutia/Belle magazine, Styling: Steve Cordony

3. Back to nature

Nature in interiors will be bigger and better in 2020, says stylist and author, Jason Grant. “I love adding elements of nature to spaces I create,” he says.

“I adore objects, finishes and furniture pieces that embrace the natural world; I’m always inspired by colour, textures and materials from the earth and the sea.”

To introduce the trend into your home, opt for pieces and finishes made from natural materials such as timber and stone, and take a nature walk to forage for fallen palms, branches or leaves in interesting shapes which make for beautiful (and free!) pieces of décor.

Photo: Jason Grant

4. Modern Art Deco

Interior stylist Emma Blomfield is all about the curves for interiors in 2020, and says we’ll be steering away from straight lines and leaning into shapes reflective of the modern Art Deco trend.

“Straight lines be gone! It’s all about the curves now and we are going to see a lot more of this especially in bathroom and kitchen joinery, as well as overall furniture designs going forward,” explains Emma.

“We’re continuing to adapt elements from the Art Deco era and bringing them into the 21st Century with geometric motifs like sunrises and chevrons.” These shapes will make appearances in fabrics for curtains, cushions, chairs and even sofas.

5. Terrazzo

We’ve been on good terms with terrazzo for a few years, but in 2020 we’re set to become best friends with the composite surface (made up of chips of marble, glass and stone) says Kate.

“Terrazzo has enjoyed a big revival and will majorly trend in 2020,” she says. “It adds great texture and interest to a space, whether that be in the bathroom or kitchen.”

Thanks to its rise in popularity, many tiles companies have developed look-a-like products which means the style can now be achieved at a lower cost.

Picture: Design by CM Studio

6. Earthy textures

To complement the soft, feminine shapes he’s forecasted for 2020, Steve says earthy textures will be making a notable appearance, too.

“Organic forms and earthy textures in muted, dusty tones will continue to dominate the palettes of interiors,” he says. Bring this trend into your home with furniture pieces or soft furnishings upholstered in textured fabrics such as bouclé, tweed, felt or wool.

Photo: Edward Urrutia/Belle magazine, Styling: Steve Cordony

7. Handmade creations

If you don’t already, it’s time to admire the beauty and imperfections in handmade creations, says Jason. “Things that are made by hand are so special and bespoke,” he says.

“It’s time to embrace the imperfect and organic shapes that add heart and soul to a space.” Hello, handmade ceramics and homemade arts and crafts — get ready to find them a special place in your home.

Picture: Jason Grant

8. Fluted glass

If you’re not familiar with fluted glass, you soon will be, says Emma. Fluted glass refers to panels of glass with vertical grooves and is also known as textured glass, privacy glass or ribbed glass.

“This is a nod to the Art Deco era. We will see fluted glass being applied to a number of different applications such as shower screens, inset into joinery in kitchen cabinets, and as general room dividers rather than gyprock walls.”

Picture: Denise Braki, Styling: Allira Bell

9. Concrete

“Concrete is set to be a major player in the 2020 interior landscape,” predicts Kate, adding, “and concrete finishes slot so perfectly into other popular trends like earthy tones, Byron Bay-inspired designs and raw finishes”.

Lawrence suggests introducing concrete into your home by the way of a kitchen bench top, bathroom basins or a beautiful freestanding bath.

Picture: SALT by Shoal Bay

10. Brass accents

If 2019 was all about the black tapware, 2020 is all about brass, says Emma. “While brass has been an option with most tapware manufacturers, it hasn’t peaked just yet, she says.

“It’s the quiet achiever of the tapware industry and we will continue to enjoy brass elements and applications for a number of years.”

Picture: See Want Shop

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