The Top 10 Items to Declutter in Your Home


The Top 10 Items to Declutter in Your Home

Each home is unique but the exact items we declutter and storage solutions created are often in the same categories. Read on to see if some of these areas might need to be decluttered in your home.

1. Kitchen appliances

Do you own a pie maker or a doughnut maker? A juicer… or two?
Kitchen appliances seem great when they’re on the shelf or in the box. But life gets busy and unless we are in the habit of integrating the use of a certain appliance into our schedule, we forget we have it, or decide it’s too much work to get it out, use it, clean it, then pack it back away.



2. Jackets and coats

A quality jacket can be a bit of an investment, and unfortunately they do go out of fashion (usually long before they’re showing signs of wear). My experience is that instead of decluttering their wardrobe and replacing an out-of-fashion coat, people usually buy a new one and keep the old one at the back of their wardrobe, because technically, ‘there’s nothing wrong with it’.



It’s unlikely you’ll ever wear your old jacket again… or the one from last decade, so once you purchase a new jacket, it’s time to donate your old one to a new home.



3. Study notes

Whether you’ve tackled a university degree, a short course or high school essays, in 99 percent of cases, you don’t need to keep your notes past graduation.



4. Kids’ clothes

In old nappy boxes all around the world are clothes that our children have outgrown but we’re hanging onto anyway.

We all say ‘they’re too good to give away’, but honestly most people don’t have the time to sell the items online, so they’ve been in boxes for years. If this is you, pop everything in the car and donate it, so other children can wear the clothes and you can regain space in your home.



5. Mugs

Some homes have 50-plus mugs in the kitchen and it’s rare to see a home that didn’t need to declutter at least some coffee mugs.



A good measure of how many you need is how many you’d use in any one day (pick your most hospitable day when you have guests over for coffee) and keep just that many.



6. Packaging

Brands such as Apple have created a branding phenomenon around packaging that is so strong. The chances are high your home has old empty iPhone, iPad or Mac boxes. Why? Most people are never really sure why they keep them, some think it’s because we believe it says something about us… about our social standing, financial standing and it makes us feel like we belong.

Strong emotions for a white, empty box…



7. Broken toys

Toys aren’t designed to last forever, so when you lose pieces or a toy breaks, don’t be afraid to throw it away.



8. Out-of-date products

Whether it’s in the pantry, freezer, bathroom or laundry, every home has expired products that need to be disposed of. It’s often not until we do a thorough declutter that we realise just how much waste there is in this area.



9. Craft supplies

Does your ideal self have time each Sunday afternoon for being creative? Do you have craft supplies for multiple different hobbies that you never really have time for? There are two main reasons people keep their unused craft supplies.


First, they feel guilty about donating or throwing away supplies that they’ve spent hard- earned money on, and secondly they feel like giving them away is like admitting defeat that they’ll never be that crafty person they dream of. We suggest to give away anything that you no longer love and make time to get creative with the crafts you enjoy.


10. Books

Many of us were bought up to believe that you should never throw away a book. But with limited space in our homes, you can declutter your bookshelves by donating any tomes you would not read again or that you could borrow from your local library.


Source: Amy Revell, Houzz Australia Contributor, Houzz