6 Eco Ingredients To Use When Cleaning The Home


6 Eco Ingredients To Use When Cleaning The Home

Spring cleaning season is right around the corner, so why not consider making your own eco cleaning products using ingredients found in your cupboard? The Rogue Ginger, Erin Rhoads, tells more.

Did you know that one bottle of vinegar can replace all of your other plastic-bottled cleaners, and that adding water to vinegar won’t disrupt its potency and will make it go even further?

Vinegar is especially effective against grease, bacteria and mould; it can even be used as fabric softener. Its versatility far outweighs that of half of the cleaning aisle at any supermarket.

Then there’s the humble soap bar; unpackaged or wrapped in paper, its versatility is still something to appreciate today.

Here are six eco-friendly ingredients to consider using when you next clean your home.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar has 1,001 uses. You can buy special cleaning vinegar, which is 20% more acidic than the vinegar in our pantries, but there is debate about whether it is actually more effective than regular vinegar.

2. Bi-carb soda

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) has gentle alkaline abrasiveness. When it is combined with acidic vinegar, they work together to clean burned pans and built-up food in ovens. Bicarb is a mined material and I use it sparingly.

3. Clove oil

Clove oil naturally kills mould, pantry moths and silverfish. Not much is needed; just 1/4 teaspoon oil to 1 litre (4 cups) water or water–vinegar mixes. Purchase oils in dark glass to ensure longevity (sunlight breaks oils down faster).


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4. Tea-tree oil

Tea-tree oil is a natural disinfectant. It’s anti-microbial, antiseptic, antiviral and anti-fungal.

5. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is a good anti-microbial disinfectant, plus, it removes stubborn labels from jars and can treat stains on clothes. Oh, and don’t forget its ability to clear a stuffy nose!

6. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is an effective insect repellent, and its anti-bacterial properties make it a good toilet cleaner


Source: Erin Rhoads, Realestate.com.au
Hero image: Courtesy of Waste Not by Erin Rhoads, published by Hardie Grant Books.