Going Grey Soothing Grey and White Sleep Spaces


Going Grey Soothing Grey and White Sleep Spaces

Sink into these elegant, tranquil sleep spaces that set the mood with a subtle monochrome palette.

There's something wonderfully calming about a grey and white colour scheme, which is why it’s such a good combination for the bedroom. If you’re considering using these two shades in your sleep space, be inspired by these gorgeous rooms.


Go dark and moody
While light colours recede to make a room feel airy, dark shades advance to give a snug feel to a space. So if you’d like a bedroom that’s intimate and cosy, a deeper grey might be the way to go.
The dark-toned panelling behind the bed here envelops the sleeping area, while the soft textures on the cushions and throw add even more warmth. The white bedlinen and brick wall help to lift the scheme and show off the grey elements even more.


Lift it with an accent colour
The beauty of neutral colours such as grey and white is that you can tone them with almost any other shade. Here, a simple scheme of pale grey and bright white forms the backdrop to the room. By simply adding some yellow cushions, the designer has given the space an extra lift.
When the owners fancy a change, they can simply swap the yellow cushions for ones in another colour.


Add some soft creams
To get a grey and white scheme right, it’s important to consider the other elements in the room. The two colours in their simplest form could end up looking slightly cold, so the key is to add layers of tone and texture. In this room, the designers have brought in a few cream-coloured textiles, which instantly soften the cool grey and white scheme.


Work in some natural wood
This Scandi-style bedroom has a limited palette of white, grey and black. It looks clean, crisp and modern, but has been elevated from cool to cosy by a couple of simple elements. The pattern on the monochrome bedspread adds some interesting texture, and the use of wood on the furniture brings in warm tones.
If you’re going for a look like this, remember to bring in different surfaces to get a balance between contemporary and cosy.


Weave in texture
Everything about this bedroom says warm and inviting, but the look is calm rather than cluttered. With a simple grey and white colour scheme, the designers have been able to add plenty of natural finishes, interesting patterns and sumptuous textures without overpowering the space.
To achieve a laid-back, eclectic look like this while keeping the room tranquil, make sure your palette is simple and pared back.

Layer up a contemporary look
The grey and white scheme in this bedroom gives it a smart, urban vibe. The charcoal bedhead blends in to the deep grey wall to root the bed in the space, and even the artwork and rug replicate the two-tone palette.
Once again, it’s texture that warms up the room and gives it a cosy feel. The layers of bedlinen, throws and cushions make the bed look extremely comfy and inviting.


Style it up
Fancy a boutique hotel feel in your bedroom? Take your grey and white decor scheme from lovely to luxurious with some simple additions. Here, the silky linen and cushions instantly elevate the bed, as does the soft velvet bedhead, creating the perfect spot for an indulgent early night or lie-in.


Make it pretty
We often think of grey and white as cool, smart and modern, but it can be pretty too. Take a look at this delightful bedroom with its minimal colour scheme – it might be grey, but it’s also full of appealing pattern and design.
The beautiful wallpaper sets the scene and, to make sure it’s the star of the show, the designers have chosen transparent glass bedside pendants. Attractive cushions and a luxurious quilt add more glamour to the space, as does the upholstered velvet bedhead.


Keep it calm
To give your grey and white scheme some extra calm appeal, choose a grey with a green tone. It’s hard to say whether the wall here is green or grey, but it certainly lifts the overall scheme.
The layered fabrics on the bed and the light design of the white pendant bring in even more softness, and look fabulous against the beautiful colour on the walls.

Source: Amanda Pollard, Houzz