Low Ceiling? Try One of These Clever Design Hacks


Low Ceiling? Try One of These Clever Design Hacks

Don’t let a low ceiling cramp your interior style – consider these tricks to make more of your space.

When you’re renovating, decorating or even building a room with a low ceiling, you might be concerned it will feel a little squashed or wonder where on earth you’ll put the lighting. Don’t fret – there are a few clever design hacks you can employ to make even the most vertically challenged room gorgeous.

Go for low furniture
You can create a feeling of space in a squat room by choosing low-slung furniture. By increasing the area between the furniture and the ceiling you’ll add a sense of height.

Take doors up to the ceiling
In a diminutive room, make the most of all available vertical space by fitting ceiling-height doors. Glass ones right up to the top of the room, not only to elongate the space but also to bring in plenty of light.


Lengthen your curtains
In a similar vein to fitting tall doors, long curtains will work wonders in a low-ceilinged room. Instead of installing a curtain rail at the top of the window frame, position it flush to the ceiling. The curtains will hang down from the top of the wall to the bottom and make the ceiling appear higher.


Add lots of glass
If you’re building a low-roofed extension, consider adding plenty of glazing. Full-height (and width) glazed doors will create a spacious feel in the room and draw the eye away from the low ceiling. Also think about installing a roof light to prevent the low ceiling from impinging on the space.


Go for short light fittings…
The obvious lighting choice for a room with a low ceiling is a few spotlights, but it’s not the only option. Consider alternatives, such as flush ceiling lights or models with short hangings. Flush lights aren’t just for bathrooms – there are plenty of attractive shades on the market. You could also try track lighting, which works well in contemporary spaces and is on-trend right now.

… Or make the most of wall lights
Minimise the need for large ceiling lights that will draw attention to your low ceiling by installing a few wall lights. If you don’t want to call in an electrician, there are lots of wall lights available that don’t need to be wired in. Hunt around for ones with attractive leads that become a design feature when they’re plugged into the socket.

Hang pendants over furniture
If you do want to add some feature pendant lights to your low-ceilinged room, look around for clever places to position them. It’s best to let them hang somewhere you’re not going to walk below, such as over a kitchen table or island or over a bedside table. The location of these stunning pendants allows the lights to create a statement feature, without the possibility of anyone walking into them.

Emphasise another element
To draw the eye away from a low ceiling, highlight another area of the room, patterned wallpaper can create a feature at the rear of a room, while a white, sloping ceiling recedes into the background.

Make a feature of it
While painting your low ceiling a light colour will help to disguise its height, you could also decide to bring it to the foreground. Think of your low ceiling as a design feature and paint it a bold colour, cover it with wallpaper or fit some stunning tin tiles. An otherwise simple white room can been turned into an interesting space by making the most of the low ceiling.

Don’t be afraid of colour
It’s tempting to go for a bright white paint to create a feeling of space in your squat room. However, it’s often a good idea to opt for a dark shade on the walls and ceiling in order to make the most of your room’s cosy proportions.  A deep blue can highlight the interesting angles of a room and can give the space a snug, intimate feel.

Source: Amanda Pollard, Houzz UK