5 Creative Ways to Display and Store Children's Artwork


5 Creative Ways to Display and Store Children's Artwork

Children’s artwork can bring colour and fun to our homes if thoughtfully displayed and stored.

Does your child bring home oodles of artwork? Drawings, paintings, collages… and multiple pieces each week? Are you stuck about what to do with them, or feel bad that you can’t keep them all? Rather than allow them to accumulate, check out these tips about how you can display and store artwork that will make your budding artist happy – as well as keep your home clear of clutter.


1. Frame it

If your budding artist is bringing home lots of artwork that is of high quality, give it the recognition it deserves: pop it into a frame and fully celebrate the creative genius of your child. Picture frames don’t need to be expensive and because you can easily get them in so many different sizes and colours you can pick one up to suit an individual art piece quite easily.
Consider going for matching frames as seen in this lounge room, where even though the framed art is all quite different, the matching frames give it a consistent look.
If you would quite like to keep artwork on rotation, giving each piece a few weeks on display before putting up new pieces. By having a combination of frames and pieces attached directly to the wall you have the flexibility of being able to rotate pieces more often.


2. Art wall

A great option for showing off your child’s artwork is to have an art wall in your home where pieces can quickly and easily be displayed. The beauty of this option is that you can allow children to be responsible for putting things up and down because it’s easy to access.
There are a few different ways of expressing an art wall. You can use a cork board or a designated wall but to add a level of design, display wires are becoming popular. Alternatively you can use the same display wires and clips to hold artwork so it becomes more of a feature in a room. This is a great option if you have art that isn’t a standard size.


3. Fridge magnets

If you’re not fussed about having things on the fridge, another option for displaying your child’s artwork is to pick one piece at a time and display it on the fridge door. When the rest of the fridge is clear, one piece of art can actually look quite nice. Just remember if you want to put a new piece on, the old one has to come off first.


4. Wrapping paper

If the pieces of art that are coming home from kindergarten or school are large pieces on butcher’s paper you’ll know from experience that they are difficult to store or display. So my suggestion for these pieces is to use them as wrapping paper. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or kids’ birthday parties are a great occasion to wrap a special present in home-made wrapping paper.


5. Under-bed storage

It’s well and good to be intentional about displaying and celebrating pieces of art that your child brings home, but it’s impossible to display it all for everyone to see.
There are two different ways the kids can keep artwork once it’s no longer on display in communal family areas.
First, have three frames above each child’s desk where they can keep whatever artwork they like. These frames are colourful and easy to swap the pictures in. They add character to their bedrooms without having the clutter of artwork stuck on the wall.
Second, under each child’s bed have an under-bed storage container specifically for artwork and school work. Here they are able to keep whatever they like, it’s completely their choice. The only rule is once the container is full it’s their job to curate and decide what to keep and what can go.

Source: Amy Revell, Houzz Australia Contributor, Houzz