4 Ways To Decorate With Baskets At Home


4 Ways To Decorate With Baskets At Home

Is household clutter starting to assault your sense of style? The solution may not be modern, stacked storage. The best way to regain your prized space could be as simple as an old favourite: baskets.

Woven baskets are making a comeback, and they’re perfect if your decorating style embraces diversity, colour and organic materials. Baskets are now being used in a multitude of ways, whether as a stylish cluster in a corner, or simply an alternative way to disguise your plant pots.

Picture: Teepee baskets from VanillaInkStore on Etsy

If storage is limited for items like pots and pans yet you don’t want them on display, try hiding them away in a large basket. Apply the same technique for smaller items like recipe cards and books.

A large, lidded basket is perfect for collecting anything that will eventually end up in the recycling bin. No more bottles lining your bench and untidy piles of boxes and cartons. Plus it’s so easy to just carry the basket out to the bin when it’s full.

Picture: Pottery Barn

To the best of our knowledge, nobody has ever designed an attractive printer. Even the sleekest models look awkward. So why not just pop that beast in a basket?

While we’re hiding unsightly items that seem to create a mountain of clutter by the end of the day, why not swap generic in-trays and containers for hand-woven alternatives that will make your work environment more natural and relaxing?

Picture: Pottery Barn

Lounge room
Place a basket under your coffee table or console. Get all those remote controls, books and magazines out of sight. Add an extra basket (probably a large one!) for the kids’ toys, and choose one with a lid to ensure all those items are completely invisible when it’s time for the adults to enjoy the space.

A large, sturdy basket with handles has long been the best choice for firewood, and while we’re focusing on tougher varieties, how about using them as plant holders? Just remember to remove the pots when watering to avoid mould and mildew.

Picture: Freedom

Use baskets by the bed to store winter blankets or items you use infrequently. But if you’re stashing your linen, make sure there’s a fabric liner so the rattans don’t tug and damage fibres.

Our favourite basket is a large one at the foot of the bed for everything you discard after a hard day’s work: shoes, handbags, hats etc. It’s a great way to make sure your room remains clean and serene.

Picture: freedom

Woven baskets keep you sane?
Weaving baskets is no longer an old cliché. They really do keep design-conscious Aussies sane by offering the benefits of neat storage with the character of natural materials and earthy colours. Stashed, stacked or featured, baskets are wonderful space-saving devices.

Source: Kerena Berry, Realestate.com.au