The Things That Every Bedroom Needs To Create Perfection


The Things That Every Bedroom Needs To Create Perfection

Bedrooms are used for so many reasons other than sleep. It is such an important space in our homes, a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, somewhere to read and recharge.

Here are six essentials every bedroom needs to look and feel beautiful:


They are such a lovely way to add texture and luxury to the bed and they’re a must have. How many pillows is too many? Of course, it depends on the size of the bed but a queen- or king-sized bed can have anywhere from two to six, single beds one to two.


Photo: David Cook

Much depends on the look you are going for – if a loose, casual bed made up with natural linen is your preference, then two to four pillows is enough. If your aesthetic is more formal and elegant, then go all out and include two European pillows, four standard pillows and a couple of decorative cushions to finish it off.
The objective should always be to make your bed look cosy and inviting without having to spend ten minutes every night removing cushions before you can hop into bed!


Is there anything worse than stepping out of bed onto a cold hard floor in the morning? Bedrooms should be all about layers and softness and that extends to floor coverings. A good sized rug will anchor the furniture pieces in the room nicely and create that cosy factor.


Photo: David Cook

Think about the proportions of the room and make sure the rug is large enough to sit well outside the perimetre of the bed. Choose a bold pattern to brighten up the space or a neutral colour to enhance the space in a more subtle way.


The right lighting can take a room from so-so to amazing. Downlights should be fitted with a dimmer switch so that they can be turned down when it’s time to relax. Lamps create a restful, calming mood in the bedroom. Bedside lamps or pendants are perfect for reading and strip lighting on a censor is a clever way to create task light in wardrobes when getting ready.
Of course nothing beats a large, beautiful window that allows valuable natural light in during the day, as long as it is fitted with window coverings that block light out in the morning. Don’t forget the candles!


Photo: David Cook


Cosy bed sheets are a must when creating your haven. A good night’s sleep is so important, therefore spending money on good quality sheets is essential. For a comfortable, plush feel, high thread count cotton or linen sheets are pure luxury. Layer the bed with throws for added interest and extra comfort. If your bed is an ensemble, always dress the bed with a valance and spend up on a great mattress.


Think ottoman, chair or benchseat. It is important to have a place to sit that is not the bed. Somewhere to put shoes on, chat on the phone and throw your clothes at the end of the day!

Keep it personal

There is no more personal space in your home than your bedroom, so make sure to include in your decor choices: mementos from travels, favourite flowers in a vase, artwork that makes you smile. Cluster items together that remind you of special moments or simply make you happy. And don’t be afraid to include a TV. If you love watching movies in bed on a Sunday night, then why not? Just be sure to position your TV in the most unobtrusive spot available and make sure it is not too large.


Photo: David Cook

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