How to Clean a Lampshade in One Minute


How to Clean a Lampshade in One Minute

Most homes have a lampshade or two creating a warm ambience, or giving the space an extra boost of light.

Fabulous to look at and very functional, lampshades are a great lighting feature but often forgotten when it comes to a cleaning routine.

Do you have dusty lampshades?

Forget the old school duster as it throws dirt and dust particles back into the air. Also, ditch the vacuum cleaner as the brush nozzle tends to create even more messy smudges and can suck your shade into a distorted shape.
Instead, follow these bright ideas from the cleaning experts at Urban You, to achieve freshly cleaned lampshades in less than one minute.

Picture: Beacon Lighting

1. Lint roller
Better known for removing cat hair from your favourite black sweater, this cheap tool effectively removes lint and built up dust in a few simple strokes. Gently glide the roller over the lampshade surface in slow downward strokes and watch as the sticky sheets capture all the fluff.

2. Spot wash
If you have a few small marks, gently dab the area with a baby wipe. Focus on small patches and try not to rub the fabric. Too much coverage and you risk your lampshade showing lines or discolouration.

Picture: Tamara Graham

3. Air blaster
It’s not necessarily something you have in the cupboard, but a can of compressed air will do the trick. Position the nozzle 10cm from the shade, and press down to release the air. Watch the dust power off but be prepared to vacuum the dust from the floor. Hardly an effective method but it can be fun.

4. Soap and water
A vintage lampshade, or one that has been neglected for years, requires a little more effort. Just make sure the fabric can handle a bath!

  • Fill a bucket or your bathtub (depending on the size of your shade), with warm water and a scoop of fabric washing powder or ivory soap.
  • Dip the lampshade in the water, repeating until the water starts to discolour.
  • Empty the water and refill using the same amount of water and soap, then start the dipping process again. After you’ve done this several times and you can see your shade is clean, place the shade on a towel to drip dry.
  • To finish, gently blow dry the shade with a hairdryer.

To get the most from your lamp, give the globe a gentle dust with a dry microfibre cloth while the shade is removed. Or go a step further and upgrade your bulb to an energy-saving halogen option.

Whatever your lampshade style, your room will remain light and bright with these simple cleaning tips. Enjoy!

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