8 Home Improvement Tasks That Can Be “Knocked Over In A Weekend”


8 Home Improvement Tasks That Can Be “Knocked Over In A Weekend”

Weekends are for sleep-ins, long walks, playing sport and of course, DIY.

From painting a fence to building a garden bed, there are lots of projects do-it-yourself enthusiasts can complete in a single weekend.

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Ozito Industries’ national training manager Andrew Murray says a weekend provides plenty of time for keen DIYers to complete simple jobs around the home – and it’s rewarding to boot.

“In recent years, there’s been a definite shift in Australia towards DIY.

“There are more and more people willing to have a go, and there are more products available tailored to the DIY market too, like “all-in-one” packs which have all the things you might need for a specific project,” he says.

“The increasing popularity of renovation shows, online tutorials and social media channels, as well as big players in the hardware space – like Ozito – offering step-by-step advice and guidance, have all played a role in that change,” Murray says.

“People now feel empowered to tackle jobs around the house, where maybe before they might have called in a professional for even small jobs.”

For most Aussies, the weekend is the logical time to tackle such projects.

8 home improvement tasks that can be “knocked over in a weekend”:

1. Painting a room yourself can save you hundreds, and it doesn’t need to take too long. Get your power sander out and you can prep an entire fence or large room in a couple of hours.

2. Often prized photos and degrees are left languishing in dusty drawers. If you’ve got a free weekend and a drill you can make this job a breeze and have your proudest moments on display.

3. Raised garden beds improve drainage and deter pests, making them great for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. With some railway sleepers, timber screws, a circular saw and drill, you can create an eye-catching garden feature that will age gracefully.

4. Replacing worn or out-of-style cabinet doors or hardware is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to rejuvenate your kitchen. For common euro-style hinges, this is a simple matter of unlocking the hinge arm from the cabinet mounting plate, unscrewing the hinge cup from your old door, and attaching it to a new one.

5. A timber screen can make your deck more private, while also providing some shelter from the wind. Use a circular saw for notching your frame, and cutting your posts, rails and palings to length, and a drill to fix it all together.

6. Patio blinds are a great alternative to screening your deck; providing protection from the elements while preserving the view. You’ll need to attach the head rails of your new blinds to a level structure (think beams, walls, or ceiling joists), or install a bulkhead if these options aren’t available.

7. Pelmets are an underrated but effective way of making a home more energy efficient in both summer and winter. Upholstering with fabric is the perfect finishing touch, and is made easy with the help of a staple nail gun.

8. Add life and colour to any window by constructing and installing your own window planter boxes. Don’t forget to add a layer of glue between timber components before fixing.

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All relatively straightforward projects for an eager DIYer, designs for all these can easily be found online or from a hardware store or manufacturer. After you have your actual design and instructions, the key to all these projects is planning. Some projects require planning one weekend, followed by the actual work the next.

You need to list out the components you’ll need, maybe even noting a price for each and where you can get them, then, the steps you’ll need to take and of course the tools you’ll need to complete the job. It really is true that if you don’t have the right tools, you won’t get the best results.

Depending on what the project is, it’s always a good idea to mark out the timber, or step out and mark the actual size of the project, so you can understand the scale.

Then, get DIYing.

Source: Presented by Ozito Industries, Realestate.com.au