Things In Your Home You’re Definitely Forgetting To Clean


Things In Your Home You’re Definitely Forgetting To Clean

A quick check of a few websites shows the exact same overlooked things popping up over and over.

And here is the list, in no particular order.

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1. Throw blankets

We drape them over the sofa, cuddle up in them in winter, and often find the cat sitting on them. But it seems we seldom clean them.
What to do: Put them in the wash, but air dry outside. Depending on the fabric, they may not fare well in the dryer.

Photo: istock

2. The top of… everything

Ceiling fans, high shelves, the top of freestanding pantries, the inside of skylights, the grill on the bathroom fan. It appears we never bother getting up there to give these surfaces a wipe.
What to do: Get out the step ladder and give it all a blitz.


3. Ceiling light fixtures

Kitchen lights, especially, are often overlooked, and this is often where the flies like to sit in summer. Enough said.
What to do: See number 2.

4. Remote controls

Urgh. People have colds, people eat TV dinners, people constantly touch remote controls, spreading bugs mercilessly.
What to do: Disinfectant wipes are invaluable.

5. Landline phone

Same as number 4. Breeding ground for bugs.

6. Throw pillows

These can get very grubby, but we don’t seem to notice.
What to do: Whip off the covers and put them through the wash. Easy.

7. Inside the kitchen bin

Sure, we throw plastic bags and liners in there, but you’ll be surprised how often they are not fitted property and the food bits escape. Dark plastic interiors hide mould well, but you can be sure it’s there.
What to do: Take it outside and get the hose involved, with a little disinfectant and a good brush.

8. Toothbrush holder

No matter whether it’s a tray in the drawer of a container on the shelf, this one gets ignored until it’s a messy mix of dried toothpaste.
What to do: Put it on the weekly cleaning agenda, along with everything else in the bathroom, including those door handles and light switches.

Sure you won’t die if you don’t clean these things, but you will find cold and flu bugs spread more easily. And your house will look better if you do it.