6 Outdoor Furniture Trends to Try In 2017


6 Outdoor Furniture Trends to Try In 2017

Bright beanbags that you can chill out on in your backyard or relax on pool-side have been trending this summer.

Of course, there are also the classic outdoor furniture trends that never seem to go out of fashion, such as timber table settings with comfy seat-back cushions and laidback daybeds.

One key trend from last year that will continue well into 2017 is sustainable furniture: How can we buy investment pieces that will last the test of time and ensure we have that feel-good piece we tell all our friends about?

Michael Gittings, owner of furniture design and manufacturing company FatFish, says, “Good outdoor furniture must be durable, multi-functional and portable.”

“Outdoor rooms need to be more versatile than their indoor counterparts, and your furniture has to support that,” says Gittings.

“Whether it’s breakfast for two or entertaining for 10, your furniture should be movable or multi-functional so as to suit both situations. Tables with wheels and foldable chairs work well in these spaces.”

Check out these six top outdoor furniture trends and consider how you can embrace them this year.

1. Rattan

“Last year we saw the mid-century look come on strong in indoor furniture and this is now progressing to the outdoor living space,” says Ross Clayton, founder of Vast Furniture & Homewares.

“This means classic rattan is now back in, with its Art Deco feel. It’s organic, tactile and timeless.”

2. Cane

Cane has made a comeback both inside and outside the home, making the classic cane outdoor armchair a popular choice this year.

Its versatility contributes to the revival – you can easily update the fabric and cushions and give older furniture a mini makeover.

3. Multi-functional furniture

Given outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming smaller – particularly when it comes to units – outdoor furniture that’s designed to be multi-functional and portable is key.

“With shrinking outdoor spaces, seating that doubles as storage, as well as tables that can be dropped and used as seating when entertaining, are so handy for tight outdoor spaces,” says Gittings

4. Upcylced items

In line with the sustainable furniture trend, everyone’s loving a little upcycling. Often all you need is patience, time and a few materials – and away you go.

“Found objects and upcycled items bring history and a story to an outdoor area,” says Gittings.

“While being an affordable way to furnish an outdoor area, it’s also a great opportunity to inject some of your personality into the space,” he says.

“I like heading to second-hand stores and re-purposing non-furniture items to curate an outdoor space.”

Gittings suggests finding bargains and timeless pieces at antique shops out of the city if you’re looking for ways to avoid breaking the bank.

5. Raw materials

Moody metals are taking over in the interior space this year – and Gittings says it’ll be one to watch outdoors, too.

“The honesty of raw materials, such as stone and metal, will be something to look out for this year,” he says.

“Unfinished stone and aged patinas on brass and steel bring a warm feel and a welcoming aesthetic to an outdoor area.”

Clayton agrees and says steel pieces are the most economical way to furnish a space.

6. Buy local

Local furniture makers are dotted all across the country, making it easier than ever to source them out and find that bespoke piece you love.

Source: Kristy Barratt, Realestate.com.au
Hero image: Ikea