12 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Revamps


12 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Revamps

If you want to give your bedroom a new look but can’t afford to redecorate, there are some simple ways to jazz up the space. Check out these nifty ideas for some purse-friendly inspiration.

Be creative with your walls
A quirky alternative to a gallery wall above your bed is a row of hooks. Here, a panel of hooks stretches across the whole wall and provides the perfect place to hang pictures and pretty bags.

Throw over a blanket
One of the easiest ways to change the look of your bedroom is with textiles. Look out for attractive throws, blankets and cushions, and dress your bed for an instant revamp. A plain, neutral bedroom can be given a laid-back coastal look with a striped throw and cushion. Simple as that!

Declutter your bedside
Instantly revitalise your bedside table by giving it a spring clean. Clear away any clutter on the surface and replace it with a few essentials, such as a lamp and a book. To spice up the look, add some flowers or an unlit candle and highlight the space by positioning a piece of art directly above it.

Create a sleep nook
Add storage to the area around your bed with a couple of well-placed wardrobes. Ikea cupboards can be perfectly positioned to create a cosy area for the bed in between. Paint the sides of the cupboards and the wall behind in a shade that contrasts with the rest of the room and fit some handy shelves into the new space.

Install a bedside shelf
If your bedroom is small or your budget doesn’t stretch to a new bedside table, consider installing a shelf instead. A wooden one can fit neatly into the corner and leaves space beneath for extra storage.

Hack inexpensive furniture
Budget buys don’t have to be boring. Think creatively and you can dream up ways to easily pep up your furniture. Inexpensive, glass-topped Ikea tables can be revamped with a few coats of dark varnish and a sheet of white vinyl attached to the underside of the glass.

Get pretty with storage
Hunt around for attractive storage to add instant practicality to your space and give it a new look at the same time. Baskets are ideal, as you can pick them up at an affordable price and they look good in most rooms. You can find some lovely designs that fit nicely into the area beneath your bedside table and make a handy place to store scarves.

Upcycle a bedhead
Need something to rest your head on? An upcycled bedhead is an ideal way to spruce up your bed. Reclaimed doors can be given a new lease of life with a lick of paint and look fabulous in a vintage-style bedroom.
Look out for old builders’ pallets, which can be made into a bedhead, or use some pretty fabric to cover a piece of wood. There are plenty of online tutorials to give you ideas and inspiration.

Jazz up a wall
Add some pattern to your sleep space without redecorating the whole room by creating a feature wall. An angled nook looks stunning with some bright floral wallpaper. It’s bold enough to change the look of the whole room, even though it’s a relatively small area.
To tie the wall in with the rest of the space, pick out some key colours and use the same shades in your bedlinen or accessories.

Maximise the foot of the bed
Create an extra surface in your bedroom by popping a small table or ottoman at the foot of the bed. You can pick up a simple bench at a low price. By tucking it into the space at the end of the bed, you’ll change the look of the room and provide handy storage as well as a place to perch.

Design some modular shelving
Fashion yourself an interesting storage system with a selection of box shelves. Paint them in your chosen colour, line the backs with wallpaper and arrange them how you like.

Upgrade your wardrobe
A purse-friendly way to get a new wardrobe is to hunt in junk shops for a pine one. A pine wardrobe is fairly solid and also pretty affordable. If you’re not keen on pine’s varnished orange surface, paint it to match your room’s decor. Revamp it with some Annie Sloan chalk paint to achieve a gorgeous timeless closet.

Source: Amanda Pollard, Houzz
Hero image: Button & Sprung, Photography by Tim Young