Love Your Lawn: Hacks To Keep It Under Control


Love Your Lawn: Hacks To Keep It Under Control

Lawn love. It’s a thing, you know.

If you don’t believe us, consider the times you’ve spied your lush, verdant green grass while proudly nodding your head in absolute contentment.
Lawn maintenance can be a hassle, but with a little patience and some go-to hacks you can make it a fuss-free experience.
Better yet, when properly cared for, real grass can last a long time. Let these lawn hacks get you outdoors this weekend.

Hack #1. Mow your lawn to the right height

There are stacks of grass varieties out there. The proper height at which you should mow your lawn depends on the type of your grass, the season you’re mowing it and its growing conditions.
For example, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass should be mown to 30-50mm, while Nullarbor Couch Grass should be mown to 15-30mm.
Tip: Be sure to avoid mowing your lawn too short. It renews so fast that you’ll actually find yourself mowing it more often than not. Think of it like a visit to the hairdresser: You want to give it a trim not a full-on hack.

Hack #2. Water regularly

In the world of grass love, it pays to be consistent with watering your lawn. The recommendation is once a week – but be sure to really soak it; this will help the roots extend deeper into the soil. Watering deeply will also prevent the roots from drying out.
If your lawn has been newly seeded, water it every day for five to 10 minutes with the intention to simply dampen the seeds.

Hack #3. Feed your lawn

Yes, unfortunately there’s more to a healthy lawn than simply mowing and watering it.
Every year during autumn and spring – at the very least – make it one of your must-dos to feed your lawn with a great-quality fertiliser, preferably one that includes micro-nutrients such as sulfur, copper and iron.
The Green Life Soil Co. recommends applying fertilisers at a rate of 50 grams per square metre.

Hack #4. Keep weeds in check

Weeds are to home owners what traffic jams are to city dwellers: A mega pain in the backside. If you want to keep weeds in check and maybe one day banish them from your lawn, you have a few options.
First, use mulch – it prevents light from getting to the weed and stunts its growth. Some mulch can be peppered with weed seeds, however, so be sure to check in with a gardening expert as to what type you should buy. Keep the layer of mulch to 3-5cm so your lawn will still receive plenty of oxygen.
Second – and yes this requires time but it’s the more eco-friendly option – dig out the weeds and add them to a compost pile.
Finally, if you have a serious case of overgrown weeds, use a non-harming, natural herbicide made from corn gluten, sodium chloride (or table salt) or other non-chemical sources.

Hack #5. Invest in a good mower & keep blades sharp

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but a good mower will certainly make your life easier.
More importantly, blunt blades are a no no: They will tear the grass rather than cut it. Keeping your mower well maintained with sharp blades will help ensure a good, solid cut.

Source: Kristy Barratt,
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