Fresh And Clean: 15 Hacks To Make Your House Smell Delicious


Fresh And Clean: 15 Hacks To Make Your House Smell Delicious

Never fear having unexpected guests walk into a smelly living area again!

Here are a few simple DIYs to try – from unlit candles and stovetop potpourris to those sweet-smelling sachets you keep in your underwear drawer.

1. Tape dryer sheets to your air vents
Love the smell of Laundromats? Recreate it at home by taping a dryer sheet to any air vents. Air blowing through will distribute the scent throughout your home.

2. Deodorise shoes with teabags
Hate smelly shoes in your corridor, cupboards and under your bed? Place dry tea bags in the toes of your tennis shoes to nix any nasty odours and absorb excess moisture. Lavender, mint or apple-scented shoes, anyone?

3. Deal with musty tent odours
Insert dryer sheets inside empty luggage, camping gear (especially tents and sleeping bags!) and sports equipment before you stash them away in your basement, attic or garage. The sheets stop musty damp smells from permeating.

4. Vacuum bag air freshener
Soak a cotton ball in cologne and insert it into your vacuum cleaner bag. That way, as you vacuum, the scent will be slowly released into the room.

5. Make a stovetop potpourri
Lingering smells in your kitchen? Simmer water is a small saucepan, add one sliced lemon, a sprig of rosemary, a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and about two inches of water. Bring to boil and reduce the heat, then continue to simmer on low, topping up with water as the water evaporates. You can use this over several days, adding more water when necessary.

6. Burn Le Papier d’Armerie
This scented paper is a staple in almost every French household. Simply tear away a sheet, fold accordion-style, and light one end before blowing. As the paper smoulders, it leaves an incredible floral and sandalwood scent that lasts for days.

7. Keep unlit candles in closets
Candles don’t have to be lit to work their magic. You can place your scented candles, unlit, in linen closets to have the fabrics absorb the scent.

8. Make your own drawer diffusers
Get small muslin bags and stuff them with your favourite dried herbs, flowers and spices, then place in your drawers to make your clothes smell lovely, naturally.

9. Mix your own vodka room spray
Create your own room spray by mixing a cup of water with two tablespoons of vodka and 25 drops of essential oil. Try different combinations based on what room you’re spraying – lavender and vanilla for a relaxing bedroom, peppermint and rosemary to help to stay alert in your study, and cinnamon, clove and tea tree – with their natural antibacterial properties – for the bathroom and kitchen.

10. Don’t throw out your citrus rinds
Fill your hollowed-out lemon and orange halves with sea salt and leave them to absorb nasty smells in your fridge.

11. Make frozen garbage disposal pellets
Make ice cubes out of white vinegar and lemon and orange peels. Once they’re frozen, remove from tray and place in a zip-lock bag to keep in the freezer. To use, put the cube down the garbage disposal and run it. Not only will it freshen up – the ice actually helps to sharpen the blades.

12. Deodorise dingy carpet
Simply sprinkle a box of bicarb soda on your carpet or rug, leave it for 30 minutes, and then vacuum it up (along with the smells).

13. Grind coffee beans
Buying coffee beans and grinding them at home isn’t just great for your morning brew – it also makes your house smell wonderful. Try hanging clean socks or pantyhose filled with coffee grounds in your musty closet or that stale-smelling freezer – it works wonders, trust us.

14. Deodorise your freezer with vanilla
After throwing out all the unidentified frozen foods in there, wipe down the sides with a cotton pad dampened with pure vanilla extract.

15. Cooking fish? Use preventative measures
When cooking fish, especially when frying, set a small bowl of white vinegar next to the stove to absorb and neutralise the smell.

Source: Kathleen Lee-Joe,
Hero image: Tastemade.