Cleanliness The Key To Coolness

Cleanliness The Key To Coolness

Cold Comfort in Cleaning Your Air-con

Air conditioner maintenance is crucial to ensure your unit runs effectively and efficiently during the hot summer months. A poorly operating air-conditioner can contribute to higher power bills if not dealt with.

The following tips are a good starting point for air conditioner maintenance.

  • Clean the filters regularly (every three months is a good guide).  A clean filter lowers the unit’s energy consumption.
  • Use a stiff wire and pass it through the drain channels to remove clogs which will affect how well air flows through the system.
  • If you have a split system at home, you’ll need to clean debris and leaves from the fan on a regular basis. A fan that isn’t operating at maximum speed can cause issues in the rest of the system.

Any cleaning maintenance performed on air-conditioning until should only be carried out with the power switched off. An annual service is also a good idea in order to improve efficiency.

A professional is able to inspect all parts of the unit to ensure it is operating at maximum capacity.

Source: Quest News