Getting Started With Pot Plants

Getting Started With Pot Plants

Gardening can be rewarding and lots of fun – you just need to know where to begin!

With the weather warming up you may have found yourself thinking about getting into gardening, but at the same time not having the faintest idea where to start. The good thing about gardening is it can be very rewarding, highly addictive and lots of fun, you just need to give it a go.

A good place to start is by using pots as they can be easy to set up, versatile with plants you can grow in them and are useful for even the smallest of spaces. Where ever you are growing, soil is one of the most important factors to good plant growth and in pots it’s no different. Think of your soil as a healthy diet; your plants take their goodness from the soil they grow in, so buy the best quality potting mix you can afford. Look out for the red ticks on the bag as these indicate a good quality mix. If you’re growing in the ground enrich your soil with compost or well-rotted manure.

Place your pot in the location that suits the plants you want to grow. This means you need to know what type of plants suit your aspect. The local nursery can be a daunting place but the resident horticulturalist will be able to tell you the best plants for sun, shade or semi-shade. Getting the right location for your new plant is getting the biggest part of success equation ticked off. Pots are easy as you can place them in a position of sun or shade, if planting in the ground take the time to watch your garden and take note of where the sun travels throughout the day.

The other part of the successful plant growth equation is the ongoing maintenance – water and food. If you have healthy soil there should be little need for additional food, if you need to add something, an organic application should always be preferred. Quizzing your local nursery is a great way to understand the water needs of your plants – not enough and your plants will suffer and too much will also send them over the edge. A good rule of thumb is regular watering that gives moist soil that doesn’t water log. The plant’s appearance will also tell you it’s water (and sun) requirements. The rule of thumb here is that large soft leaves like shade and have a higher water demand and small hard leaves can withstand hotter drier conditions.

Source: Quest News