Pave the Way to a Great Garden

Pave the Way to a Great Garden

Maintenance is crucial to good looks

Paving can be one of the greatest assets of a garden. But a level of maintenance is required to keep it looking good, particularly if the pavers become loose, crack or start to lift.

Loose pavers can be dangerous and the noise made when cars drive over them can be simply annoying. Before lifting the pavers to make repairs, mark each side with chalk so they can be returned to the same position. Lift the pavers and clean all the loose debris from the space and around the inside edges of the pavers so the area is totally clean.

Double-washed river sand is excellent for compaction. Place a layer down, pushing it right up to the edges and into the corners. Compact the sand by treading it down. With one of the pavers, check the level by running it around the inside edge, and remove any excess sand.

Return the pavers to their original position, matching the chalk markings before top-dressing with very fine sand. The sand will fall into the gaps easily and fill the spaces tightly. Paving requires precision and the right tools, so always use a professional to get the job done right.

Source: Quest News