Small Touches add Glamour and Class

Small Touches add Glamour and Class

Cheap and cheerful décor is good – up to a point. Avoid scrimping on fabrics and invest in a show stopping piece and a few small accessories to grab attention.

You don’t need a room full of big-ticket items to create a stunning interior environment. People are constantly asking how to combine expensive items with cheap and cheerful furniture and decorative accessories to create a look that’s pleasing overall.

Here are some simple ways to achieve this.

Use one or two showstoppers
It’s true you don’t have to spend a lot of money on every piece in the room, but you do need to invest in one or two items. If everything is cheap, then everything is going to look cheap. The showstopper does not have to be a piece of furniture. It would be equally as effective to have an upscale Italian light fitting in the middle of the room.

Buy vintage
Vintage furniture can often be more affordable than antiques, but just as gorgeous. By spending time scouring flea markets, garage sales or auction houses you could find a gem that looks like a rare, timeless, age old piece with a big price tag but for a fraction of the cost.

Invest in good quality fabrics
Not unlike clothing, cheap interior soft furnishings are an obvious sign that you haven’t spent much on the décor. You can get away with an affordable synthetic sofa, but invest in some good quality, large cushions with designer details such as a piped edge and the bargain-basement sofa will be transformed into a head-turning designer piece.

Add legs
It might sound strange, but elevating your furniture off the floor can give it a designer edge. Add legs to the base of an ottoman or chest of drawers and it will instantly look more upmarket.

Expensive accessories
A silver tray on an inexpensive coffee table can raise it to a new level of sophistication. Similarly, a designer décor item such as a cashmere throw rug draped across an armchair will make the chair seem more glamorous and expensive.

Hang art
A common feature of expensive homes is the art that decorates the walls. The art does not have to be extravagant. The trick is to hang it like you would see in a gallery – in multiple matching frames, or have one oversized artwork on a main wall.

Source: Juliet Love, stylist & interior designer who runs her own business, Love Style