‘Tis The Season to Get Pruning

‘Tis The Season to Get Pruning

Give trees a fresh start in warmth

Spring or early summer is one of the most effective times to prune trees and shrubs.

As the weather warms up, tree and plant species are generally in full growth.  This provides ideal conditions and reactions for pruning and less chance of disease as well as better control over excessive growth.

During spring, pruning should involve removing all inward-growing, crossed or weak branches, particularly with fruit trees.

This should leave trees slightly hollow in the middle with healthy, fruit-bearing branches growing outwards.  Doing this will allow for direct sunlight, which aids the ripening process and also deters fungal diseases.

Many ornamental trees and shrubs also benefit from pruning during November and December, especially the varieties that have just completed flowering.  Exotic trees and shrubs are also reinvigorated after a spring pruning.  By doing this, it allows these plants and shrubs almost a full year to produce new, healthy growth and flowering wood so they bloom better than ever next spring.

Fruit trees benefit from pruning in the warmer months as sunlight aids the ripening process.

Source: Quest News