How To Make Your Home More Zen

How To Make Your Home More Zen

The correlation between our environment and our wellbeing has long been known.

Our surroundings have a direct effect on our psyche – so it pays to make our homes as attractive, enjoyable and “healthy” as possible.

Zen is a Japanese word meaning meditation, so it makes sense that should you make your home more Zen, it will be a regenerative space in which to find stillness and delight every day. There are no strict rules when it comes to making your home more tranquil – it’s all about creating balance and harmony. A minimalist space with clean lines, and no clutter, will make your home the perfect place to reconnect and recharge. Who needs a day spa when you have paradise at home?

Allow Natural Light In
The more light you allow into your home, the happier you will be. Studies have found the effect of sunlight on humans is very important. Indirect and soft artificial light from lamps and uplights is best for a calming atmosphere in the evening.

Use sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly products and materials. In our modern world full of mass produced products, it’s nice to have some unique pieces that are good for the environment. They will add character to your home and make you feel good about yourself too.

Add Greenery
A few pretty house plants will help purify it air and connect you to nature while indoors. Use Low Toxic Paint. Paint is known to contain many hazardous chemicals, but now there are paints that emit very few fumes. They’re better for you and the environment.

Promote Happiness
Surround yourself with things that make you smile. This is probably the most important aspect of any happy home, and it’s so simple. Framed prints of family, friends and loved ones, Children’s drawings, treasured cultural items from your travels, anything that takes you to your happy place have a spot in your décor if they are displayed correctly.

Avoid Bright Colours
This is not to say that you should avoid colour altogether, just glaringly bright colours that hit you in the face. Earthly tones and neutrals work to best create a visually harmonious atmosphere. White, beige, tan, rust, green and blue are all calming colours.

Light Candles
Avoid candles that are heavily scented, and try to find ones that are completely natural. The best ones are usually soy based and perfumed with natural essential oils.

Use Texture
Add another layer to your space by introducing new and interesting textures in your furnishings and fabrics. Consider your flooring – if you have cold or uneven flooring you could add a rug to introduce a softer element underfoot.

Source: Juliet Love, stylist & interior designer who runs her own business, Love Style