Women Create Private Spaces to Enjoy

Women Create Private Spaces to Enjoy

First there were man caves, where men could shut out the concerns of the world and relax, now the she shed design craze is offering similar feelings of comfort to women.

She sheds are the new must-have trend that is sweeping design-conscious homes.

Gone are the days of the scruffy man cave – females are now creating areas of their homes just for them. Almost anything is suitable to create your own oasis that could be as a result of updating an existing shed to something a little less ordinary such as a beach hut, gypsy wagon or even an old monorail carriage. These are all great spaces that can be easily transformed to suit any style or space.

If you are lacking an outside area, it is just as easy to move this concept inside. A free room or spare corner of your home will work just as well. These spaces can be places to relax and unwind, to read in peace or make space for a burgeoning hobby that is getting out of hand. You must make sure the new she shed is fit for the purpose you require by keeping your aim in mind.

If you’re a fan of the beach, utilitarian or bold colours or even Victoriana there is no reason this should not be reflected in your design choices. If you are revamping an existing building or area, a fresh coat of paint is the best start, and no matter where you choose to create your space, the right style of furniture is especially important. If you are looking for a fresh, light feel, look for slimline furniture. Retro-styled pieces are a great choice for a lighter style.

With larger spaces, darker furniture will work well without feeling cluttered and uninviting. If you are looking to create a relaxing environment, investing in comfortable seating is a must. However, if it is to indulge a hobby, making sure you have a workable desk area and good lighting is key.

If you can bear to share, your shed can also double as a luxury retreat for guests. This can be as simple as adding a sofa bed. The great thing about she sheds is that they can be whatever you need them to be. If it is a need for extra space, quiet place to retreat and catch up on reading, relaxing or indulging in new hobbies, she sheds are the way to go. But make sure you create a space that truly reflects you and your style and don’t forget to enjoy it.

Source: Juliet Love – stylist & interior designer who runs her own business, Love Style