Indoor Plants Breathe Life Into Homes

Indoor Plants Breathe Life Into Homes

When it’s cold and dark outside, indoor plants will brighten your living spaces and improve air quality, and some varieties are easy to maintain.

Winter can be a tough time in the garden as the exuberance of other seasons has passed and gardening seems to take a momentary rest.

When little is happening outside, it’s a great time to focus energy inside as indoor plants can really lift a room and help to breathe life and personality into a home.

Indoor plants not only look great but they are good for you. This may sound like a hippie rambling on, but indoor plants have been proven to improve air quality by decreasing volatile organic compounds, increasing oxygen and also increasing humidity in a room, all of which lead to greater concentration levels and an improved mood.

A few people struggle with indoor plants and never seem to have much luck, which leads to disappointment and turns them off trying again.

There are a few fail-safe indoor plants that are always suggested because they are easy to care for and look marvelous.

Spathiphyllum or the peace lily is a great indoor plant because its glossy green leaves and creamy white flower lift a space. They are also useful in damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms because they help to remove mould from the air. This plant likes a bright area out of direct sunlight and reliable moisture. It will tell you when it needs water as its leaves will droop. When this happens, give it a good soak.

Chlorophytum comosum or the spider plant is known as a weed in the garden, but in the home it is top of the class for purifying the air as well as being incredibly easy to maintain. Spider plants like indirect sunlight and prefer the soil to dry out between waterings, so they suit a lazy gardener.

Ficus lyrata or the fiddle leaf fig is the designer’s indoor plant because it has huge architectural leaves and an upright, open habit. Like most indoor plants, it needs to be in a light spot without direct sun and it doesn’t like too much water. If over-watered, the lower leaves will fall off the plant.

Adaintum or maidenhair ferns are real moisture lovers, so are perfect for moist, dark spots like the bathroom. They have light limey green, feathery foliage that adds softness to any room. If yours dries out and looks dead, don’t give up on it. Just pump it full of water and you will be surprised how quickly it bounces back.

Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue may sound like the best gift for your wife’s mum and you wouldn’t be wrong, as this plant is close to impossible to kill. It will take sunny and shady spots in the home and will suffer only if you over-water it. It is also a great air purifier and has the benefit of removing nitrogen oxide produced by fuel-burning appliances.

Source: Charlie Albone – co-host of Selling Houses Australia on the Lifestyle channel and runs his own business, Inspired Exteriors