Layers Of Lighting Create Homely Glow

Layers Of Lighting Create Homely Glow

Understanding how designers use different types of lighting will allow you to emphasize focal points in your home and effectively illuminate spaces for work, rest and play.

Lighting your home is often overlooked but it is a vitally important aspect to designing your space. Introducing layers of light is the best way to create a complete lighting scheme.It might seem complicated, but remembering that there are three different types of lighting and remembering to use them all in a scheme will help.

The main layer is ambient lighting, which is also known as general lighting. This gives your room a general glow and a base level of light. There should be no glare and ambient lighting should be bright enough to allow you to walk around your home safely and securely. The best styles of light fixture to achieve this glow are recessed lights, mounted tracks and ceiling down lighters. These will help you achieve the right level of ambient light required for your home. Although several layers of lighting is the best way to light your home, some smaller rooms such as laundry and bathrooms will require only ambient lighting.

Accent lighting is the next layer that you need to introduce to your home. This will create visual interest and draw your eye to focal points or certain objects such as paintings, artworks, doorways or architectural features with in the room. Table lamps are excellent design features and can be used to create pools of warm light over collections or objets d’art. Accent lighting can even be used to highlight features outside the home and in the garden. This type of lighting can be used to great effect in the kitchen by lighting the bases of kitchen islands and cabinets to make them a feature and stand out. The best style lighting fixtures that will create maximum impact are tilted recessed spotlights, wall mounted lights, spotlights and up lighters. Up lighters and spotlights are great choices to create stunning effects when lighting walls, columns or bookcases.

Task lighting is the final layer of lighting that will ensure a perfect lighting scheme within your home. Task lighting enables you to perform tasks safely and without shadow, and should be free from glare and bright enough to avoid eye strain. This type of lighting is particularly important when reading, preparing food, studying and applying make-up. Under-cabinet lighting is best used to illuminate kitchen work spaces to allow food preparation to be done free of shadows. When studying and reading, desk and floor lamps are a great option as they are easily maneuvered to the best position to create a bright reading area.

Source: Juliet Love – stylist & interior designer who runs her own business, Love Style