How To Warm Your Décor For Winter

How To Warm Your Décor For Winter

Winter is synonymous with the word cold. But with the right style choices you can create a warm environment to enjoy throughout the colder months.

Some of the biggest trends we’re seeing for winter revolve around texture and lots of it. From exposed wood grain to woven textiles and upholstery including velvet and fur, we’re seeing a lot of interesting surfaces in fashionable spaces.

We’re also seeing a lot of new colours coming through that stem from Pantone’s colours of the year: Serenity, a soft purple; and rose quartz, a pale pink.  Many wondered, when these colours were announced earlier in the year, how they would translate into homes.  But when combined with more grounding colours such as taupe, orchid pink, fig purple, chocolate brown and thyme green, they are stunning.  A velvet armchair in rose quartz in a room full of chocolate brown would be an absolute standout and lift the room for winter.

Here’s how you can implement the big trends this winter:

Traditionally the go-to finish for internal walls is low sheen or satin, but the newest look is matt paint. It’s very forgiving on imperfect walls (the glossier the paint, the more imperfections that will be seen), and in combination with understated, soft furnishings in a room, it’s perfect.

Luxury and comfort are at the fore of design this season, with chunky knits and plush, soft to the touch textures taking the stage.  Fringing, tassels and other forms of embellishment such as piping are also right on trend.

Old suitcases add tons of character as coffee or side tables.  Even stacked high in the corner of a room they’ll act as a stand alone feature.  Similarly, old world globes are a great addition to a room for some history and interest.  Vintage botanical drawings are great as artwork.  Think of the items belonging to historical explorers and naturalists and you’ll be on the right track.

Every chic interior has a living plant within it, and in winter plants bring a certain warmth to the general feel and atmosphere of a room.  They also help to cleanse the air during winter when you usually don’t have as many doors and windows open.  An oversized plant in a gorgeous pot will make a stunning statement.  Research before purchasing as your success will depend on how much light and water your plant receives according to its needs.

We’ve seen lots of metallic in past years, and they’re still very much around.  Mirrors, in any form, are huge.  Plus mirrored furniture and reflective surfaces will help to balance all the soft furnishings and lush textiles.

Source – Juliet Love, Stylist & Interior Designer