Sweet Ideas For Your Easter Table


Sweet Ideas For Your Easter Table

Make the most of brunch, lunch and dinner with friends over the Easter break with these beautiful table setting ideas.

For me, one of the highlights of Easter – apart from the extended weekend and non-stop chocolate fest, of course – is the chance to lay the table for a proper Easter lunch or tea. While busy lifestyles and crammed schedules dominate day-to-day, Easter is the perfect time to take a few hours to whip up a delicious high tea or full-blown banquet for friends and family. It also gives you the chance to dust off your pastel china, unfurl your prettiest cloth and pile the table high with painted eggs, big bunches of spring blooms and cute Easter biscuits. Just don’t forget the chocolate eggs…


Prettify with pastels
Polka dots, ditsy florals and chalky pastels sum up Easter in a nutshell (or eggshell…). If cut flowers aren’t your thing, or you prefer to invest in something that will last a bit longer, decorate the table with a few potted plants that can be transferred outside to the garden, patio or windowsill when the weather gets warmer.


Relax with an autumn brunch
Ease yourself into holiday mode with a relaxing breakfast or brunch. Simply fill vases with huge clusters of sunshine yellow flowers and set the table with a fresh pot of tea, boiled eggs and a rack of hot buttery toast. What’s not to love about long weekends at home?


Be bold with brights
This rainbow-packed table filled with vases of vibrant blooms and striking patterned linens won’t fail to wow guests and get them in the holiday mood.

Let loose with hot pinks, cobalt blue, purples, marigolds and everything in-between, and mix with abandon. Be inspired by Mexican festivities and let ‘the more colour the better’ be your mantra…


Involve the kids
Pick a sugary palette of rose pink, lemon, pistachio and baby blue to echo the sweet-filled celebrations of the Easter weekend. Get children involved in the display by encouraging them to paint, marble or print a dozen hard-boiled or blown-out eggs with a flourish of spots, stripes and florals. Fill bowls with shiny, foil-wrapped mini eggs and chocolate treats for a teatime table that’s cute, colourful and easy to pull off.


Saturate with seasonal shades
Spring chicks and new beginnings inspire a popular colour scheme come Easter. Mix shades of lemon yellow, primrose and pale barley with stronger hues, such as turquoise and leaf green, and pile on to your table for a riot of colour.

This look demands a fresh, white tablecloth underneath – if you don’t have one, substitute with a plain bed sheet or linen off-cut for the same effect.


Lunch alfresco
Of course, if an Easter heatwave is on the horizon (anything is possible in Australia!), why not take the celebrations outdoors. Cover up a tatty table with a smart cloth, polish your best glassware (or play it safe with some of the gorgeous acrylic versions now available) and create a striking centrepiece with a profusion of flowers and foliage. Then sit back and enjoy the sunshine.


Enjoy an elegant Easter
For a more grown-up Easter banquet minus kids, plump for a decadent theme of black, white and hot pink. Keep crockery plain and white and finish off each table setting with a pile of golden eggs. Gold-foil-wrapped ones probably won’t quite cut it with this elegant look, so if you can’t find any golden chocolate eggs, it’s easy to spray-paint some real ones – blown out to empty them first, preferably – for a blast of bling.

Fill jugs with a profusion of pink flowers and echo with pretty cerise napkins and coloured glassware. Light some candles, pour a glass of wine and let the Easter-inspired dinner party commence…


Create a vintage vibe
I adore this charming, vintage-inspired Easter table, which harnesses the beauty of white. It’s a doddle to copy at home, too. Begin with a simple scrubbed table (no need for a tablecloth here), then add a hotchpotch of plain white crockery (don’t worry if nothing matches – this is the vintage look, after all) and decorate each setting with a flourish of buds and blooms.

Collect old jam jars to double up as the cutest DIY glasses and sprinkle the table with dried rose petals, chocolate eggs and glittery bits and bobs.

This would work really well for a sunny lunch or an Easter supper eaten by candlelight.


Dare to be bare
You can always save the chocolate for a surprise, post-lunch Easter egg hunt, leaving your table bare except for spring flowers, so the focus can be on the food and conversation.

Mix simple white china with pale-print linens and a posy of tulips for a modern, Scandi-inspired flavour. Finish off with a simple DIY floristry trick of filling old jam jars and vintage glasses with sprigs of emerald greenery. The effect is simple yet surprisingly stunning…

 Source: Lara Sargent, Houzz UK Contributor, Houzz