5 Hot New Laundry Trends You Need To Know


5 Hot New Laundry Trends You Need To Know


 Energy efficiency, luxe finishes and more – discover the on-trend looks and features in laundry design today.

 Like all interior trends, laundry design evolves at a rapid rate. No longer a place homeowners expect to keep hidden away, the focus is now on stylish good looks and efficient appliances. Planning a new laundry?
 We spoke with the team at Winning Appliances, Australia’s leading laundry and design specialists, to discover the latest trends you need to know about to create a practical and good-looking space.

1.      Energy efficiency
 Today’s laundry appliances are smarter and more efficient to run than ever, which means there’s no better time to upgrade your old, inefficient models. The latest high-tech washers and dryers offer superior performance while   consuming minimal water and energy so clothes are better cared for and running costs are slashed.

 To help you compare energy efficiencies, washing machines and dryers come labelled with an Energy Rating Label that indicates how energy- and water-efficient the model is. The rating ranges from one to six stars – more stars   means better energy efficiency. Impressive models to look out for include
Asko’s W4104C.W 10kg front load washing machine, which has a five-star energy and water rating.

 Dryers, once considered the biggest power guzzler in your home, have advanced beyond recognition. Heat-pump dryers, which dry clothes with recycled air and are gentle enough to care for your ultra delicates, are classed as   ‘super energy-efficient’, with a rating that goes up to 10 stars. One notable model is
AEG’s 8kg 800 Series Heat Pump dryer, which boasts an impressive seven stars for energy efficiency. While you should expect to pay a little more   upfront for an energy-efficient washer and dryer, you will enjoy bill savings for years to come.

2.      Smart, intuitive features
 Forget agonising over which programme is best for your wash load or trying to dispense the right amount of detergent – the latest machines do all the hard work for you.

 Take your pick from models that ‘read’ the size of the load and choose the optimal programme length and water level (such as Asko Pro machines), those that automatically dispense detergent, styles that target specific types of   stains, such as red wine, coffee and grass, and wifi-enabled machines that you can switch on or track from your smart phone.

 They’re smarter in other ways too;
AEG’s 10kg 8000 Series washer front load washing machine has a gentle Steam Refresh function so you can refresh items fast without a full wash, while Asko’s dryers boast professional-style   ‘butterfly drying’ that minimises creasing and reduces ironing time.

3.       Flexibility
  Laundries are no longer a one-size-fits-all solution, with accessories and appliances on the market to accommodate different room set-ups and laundering needs.

  You’ll find washing machines that offer up to 28 different programmes so you can safely clean anything from ultra-delicate silk and woollen items to heavily stained sports gear, or save time with a fast 20-minute wash. There are   
  also models on the market with reversible doors and two-in-one styles that contain a front-load washer and a smaller, separate top washer so you can run two loads simultaneously.

  Other useful and appealing options include slimline drying cabinets, such as
Asko’s Drying Cabinet, which offers a gentle alternative to tumble drying for delicates such as silk, velvet and satin items and bulky items such as
  rain-soaked jackets and shoes – simply pop items inside and they come out warm, dry and crease-free.

  You’ll also find smart accessories such as pull-out shelves that provide a handy extra surface when you need it (perfect for small laundries), pull-out ironing boards, and hidden helpers that elevate the washer or dryer by 30     
  centimetres so you don’t need to bend while providing extra drawer space.

4.       Minimalist styling
  Today’s laundry has evolved from a purely practical spot to one that incorporates touches of luxury that make it a pleasure to use day after day.

  Step inside a contemporary designer laundry and you’ll find luxurious stone benchtops to match the one in the kitchen, statement tiled splashbacks, open timber shelves and cabinetry in warm, woodgrain finishes. Character and    softness is introduced through wall-hung artwork and touches of greenery.

  Laundry appliances have stepped things up style-wise too. Think washing machines and dryers with clean, minimalist lines, touch-screen displays and stylish matching pairs, such as
Asko’s 8kg washing machine/8kg dryer laundry    package that give your laundry a seamless look.

5.       Bigger capacities
  Until recently, a washing machine with a capacity of 7kg or 8kg was the norm for most households. But with many of us looking to do fewer, bigger loads so we can speed efficiently through the laundry process and reduce water      and energy usage, machines with a capacity of 9kg or 10kg are now increasingly sought after.

  You’ll find king-size washing machines on the market with a whopping capacity of up to 16kg so you can power through super-size loads and save time and energy. And thanks to advances in technology they’re only marginally        bigger on the outside than an average-size machine so they can fit into a standard laundry. Doing the daily wash has never been easier!

Source: Houzz – Winning Appliances