3 Things You Should Never Forget When Renovating


3 Things You Should Never Forget When Renovating

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of renovating, but don’t forget some fundamental requirements.

When it comes to renovating, most of us are so focused on sticking to budgets and attaining our desired aesthetics that we can slip-up on basic planning.

While not as fun as picking paint colours or designing your dream kitchen, adhering to building codes and safety regulations are ultimately more important. With that in mind, here are a few things you should never forget when renovating.

1. Fire safety: Install or upgrade smoke alarms

If you’re undergoing a renovation, it’s a good time to check your smoke alarms are in working order and meet the current guidelines.

Queensland, for example, currently requires any new builds or major renovations to have interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms installed in specified locations throughout the premises.

Here are a few smoke alarm regulations to stay on top of:

Getting the right alarm

Check the smoke alarm regulations in your state and ensure your home meets the current fire safety advice.

Using Queensland as an example, to meet the upgraded staged implementation requirements, your smoke alarm systems must be photoelectric and interconnected, so if one alarm sounds, the rest will follow.

“All smoke alarms that are new must meet the Australian Standard 3786-2014,” Queensland Fire and Emergency Services‘ Executive Manager, Fire Safety Section, Mark Halverson, explains.

“For this reason, be cautious if purchasing them online, or alternatively buy them from electrical supply or hardware stores.”

Installing smoke alarms correctly

When installing smoke alarms, you must ensure they meet the correct guidelines for installation.