5 Things Every Games Room Needs


5 Things Every Games Room Needs

Nowadays, your home’s games room can have all the latest furnishings and tech to enhance your gaming experience. 

Ready to get the edge over your opponents and level up your gaming setup? We round up the essentials every home games room needs.


1. Enhanced internet for gaming

What’s a sure-fire way to end up with a tantrum in the games room? Suffering from gaming lag. Fortunately, there is now an internet plan designed specifically for the needs of online gamers.

The Optus Internet Gamer Plan offers premium nbn internet speeds, with a typical busy period download speed of 100Mbps (7pm-11pm) and a sleek new WiFi6 ASUS Gaming Modem that helps prioritise bandwidth for home gaming systems.

If you’re using a PC and have Windows 10, there is also the option for a
three-month trial for Game Path –  software to ensure you’re always on the server’s best path to your online game. It means less lag, fewer ping spikes and maximum stability in every gaming session.

Ready, set, game!

2. A supportive chair

As with any job that requires you to sit and stare at a screen for long periods of time, you need a set-up that supports your posture.

Consider your height, weight and proximity to your set-up (not too close). Most gaming chairs will look like  and could potentially also function as  an office chair. Think: wheels, arm rests, swivelling, adequate cushioning and back support.

Top level gaming chairs will come with adjustable lumbar support, a head rest (with potential neck cushioning) and have materials that help with temperature regulation.

3. A quick, crystal clear screen

Good gaming screens need to be able to ‘move’ quickly with the speed of the game, meaning they need a fast response time and refresh rate (hertz or hz  you’ll want at least 120hz). You’ll also want a higher resolution or more pixels per inch (ppi) for clarity.

A curved screen is a hot ticket, offering a more immersive gaming experience. However, some choose to replicate this with three separate computer monitors.

Remember, bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to gaming screens. Aim for faster and crisper instead.

4. Top notch sound

The best sound solution for gaming is a headset with a microphone to communicate with your fellow gamers.

Wireless headphones are preferred for greater mobility, but don’t skimp on quality  you’ll want to ensure your bluetooth stays connected. If opting for wireless, also don’t forget to charge them or renew the batteries frequently to avoid them dropping out mid-game.

The best headset for you is going to be one that feels comfortable on your head, fits properly and has adequate padding around the ears, for sound and cushioning.

5. Storage and organisation for gaming devices

While you can always throw everything in a drawer, pay particular attention to how you store and organise wiring to improve the life of your accessories and devices. Always coil wires properly so they don’t fray.

Furthermore, if stored outside a drawer, avoid having a hazardous mess of cords everywhere by using cable clips or hooks or a desktop cable organiser.

When it comes to your hardware, also consider how to keep these devices clean and free from dust. Even if you’re leaving them out on your desktop or shelf, consider a dust cover and cleaning kit.

And remember: don’t forget to turn everything off at the wall!


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