Feast Your Eyes - The 3 Hottest Colour Palettes for 2022


Feast Your Eyes - The 3 Hottest Colour Palettes for 2022

See the three stunning colour palettes set to dominate interiors in the year ahead, according to the experts

 Feel your home could do with an update? Paint is just about the quickest and easiest way to go about it. But before you pick up a paintbrush or call a local painter, be sure to read this first. Here, experts reveal the three colour palettes that fashionable homes will be wearing in 2022. Happy painting!

1. Preppy pastels
Prepare yourself for the return of zesty ’80s colours in 2022, says Andrea Lucena-Orr,
Dulux colour and communications manager. Cornflower blue, lilac, lemon, celery green and quartz green – all of which star in Dulux’s Wonder palette – are guaranteed to give your home an optimistic lift (which, let’s be honest, is something many of us could do with right about now.)

“These colours set the stage for regeneration and growth, with unexpected tones drawn from nature,” says Lucena-Orr.

Unexpected combinations of pattern, colour and furniture are central to this look; pair quaint florals with sleek, contemporary furniture or woven rattan pieces with a wall of candy stripes.


Walls in Dulux Pinkham; stripes in Dulux Equatorial Forest; trim and ceiling in Dulux Vivid White

Key colours

  • Dulux Pinkham.
  • Dulux Edvard.
  • Dulux Celery Green.
  • Dulux Pax.


Left wall, ceiling and trims in Dulux Vivid White; feature wall in Dulux Celery Green

Where to use them:

A main bedroom, teenager’s bedroom, living room, family room or playroom. Fresh and energising colours such as Dulux Harmonious and Dulux Celery Green will also add flair to a workspace. Or, create a warm welcome by repainting the front door in a cheery pink such as Dulux Pink Papaya, says Lucena-Orr.


Walls, ceiling and trims in Dulux Pax

Architectural matches: Coastal homes, heritage homes or contemporary homes where you want a fun, retro-inspired look.


Lower walls in Dulux Pink Papaya; upper walls and trim in Dulux Vivid White; ceiling stripes in Dulux Ice Lemon


Image by Mike Baker

Pair these colours with: Florals and chequered upholstery fabrics, ribbed and coloured glass, needlepoint cushions, bold artworks, and curvy, ’80s-style furniture, says Lucena-Orr.


3. Earthy beauty
“The Local Comfort palette, which combines warm neutrals such as ivory, greiges and browns, is all about cocooning comfort,” says Marylou Cafaro, Wattyl’s colour ambassador.

After a difficult year, we have a new-found appreciation of the simple things, she says. “We prefer to shop locally and have a deeper appreciation of nature. This palette teams perfectly with the textures and colours of foliage as well as handcrafted objects, art pieces and sculpted feature walls. The result is a feeling of being enveloped in comfort and beauty.”

Key colours

  • Wattyl Dhimba.
  • Wattyl Signal Station.
  • Wattyl Northwest.
  • Wattyl Iron Black.

Wattyl Iron Black

Where to use them: Areas where you wish to pause and relax, such as the living room, a home library or media room, says Cafaro.

Architectural matches: This palette suits contemporary architectural styles and warehouse-style apartments, she says.

Wattyl Dhimba

Pair these colours with:
Sculpted feature walls, interesting artworks, handcrafted local objects and greenery, says Cafaro.


Source: Georgia Madden - Houzz Australia